JVC launches 3D Projectors with 4K upscaling

JVC launches 3D Projectors with 4K upscaling

JVC has announced four new home cinema projectors. The three high-grade models, the DLA-X95R, DLA-X75R and DLA-X55R, are all capable of displaying 3D and have the option to upscale 2D HD content to a 4K Ultra HD resolution. This is done with the help of the brand new e-shift2 technology. This makes it possible for the projectors to display images in a resolution of 3840 by 2160 pixels.

The basic model of the new series is the DLA-X35. This projector is capable of displaying active 3D, but it doesn’t have the 4K upscaling option. All four projectors offer improved 3D performances, with a new circuit and an optical engine that has to decrease crosstalk, according to JVC. The manufacturer also includes 3D glasses with these projectors, which use radio-frequencies instead of infrared. The range and stability has to improve with this technique.

The LA-X95R and DLA-X75R offer full control of the colors, ISF certification and advanced calibration options. Besides that, they’re developed for a THX 3D certificate according to JVC, but the tests for this certificate have to be taken first. A new polarisation grid has to increase the contrast ratio, while a new lamp and a new power supply have to increase the brightness. The flagship of this new series of projectors, the DLA-X95R, has a contrast ration of 130.000, while the DLA-X75R has to do it with a contrast ratio of 90.000:1 and the DLA-X55R and DLA-X35R both have a contrast ratio of 50.000:1.

JVC has also developed a brand new application for smartphones and tablets, which you can use to control the projectors, much like a normal remote control.

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